Combining targeted sports training and studies in Kajaani

Kajaanin Haka is responsible for all football coaching at the Kajaani Sports Campus, and at the same time serves as a learning environment for both Finnish and English-speaking students, so the field of activity is varied and interesting.

What is the Kajaani Sports campus?

The Kajaani sports campus offers a great opportunity to combine studying and football. It offers young people, who are enthusiastic about sports and pursue their sport with a goal, a platform where they can grow, develop, and aim for success as professional athletes. Academy activities include studying, goal-oriented training, and support services offered to athletes.

Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management, APPLICATION PERIOD 3-17 JANUARY 2024

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences offers fully English-taught studies in Sports and Leisure Management. Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management develops your professional skillset and competencies in sports and exercise instruction, coaching, and smart training as well as in sports business and management.

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